About Pig Approved BBQ

The dream started 8 years ago, after living in Texas, I missed good bbq. Real bbq, when meat is cooked with wood!  I slowly started working on my recipes, and finally started competing in KCBS competitions in 2012. Competitions gave me a chance to work on recipes and techniques along with having my bbq compared to others in blind judging.  Scores improved, techniques became more consistent, flavors more balanced, and dozens of awards were won. Now it's time to sell the award-winning bbq on the streets of the Twin Cities.


What separates us from the others is our dedication to the tradition of cooking with a wood fire. BBQ is simple, wood, fire, meat, and cook it 'til its done. In competitions, there are little differences amongst the teams as far as rubs and sauces.  The real difference is in the technique.  At Pig Approved BBQ, you will find award-winning bbq, smoked fresh and daily with wood.